Mini Sheep Farm Registered Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep                                 Mini Sheep Farm   Registered Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep


Wecome to Mini Sheep Farm located in Maple Grove, just northwest of Minneapolis, Minnesota. We breed and will be selling Babydoll lambs as pets/lawn mowers, breeders, meat sheep and wool. We are raising our sheep on natural diet of pasture and hay supplimented with oats, corn, and lamb pellets.


The Southdown breed of sheep originated in the South Downs of Sussex county, England. They are one of the oldest of the Down breeds. English farms kept these sheep for their dual-purpose -- flavorful meat and fine fleece.


Our Babydoll flock is registered with Robert Mock's registry (the Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep Registry).


The 2013 lambs are due around April 10th, reserve your lamb(s) today.



Lambs at 2 Months

Lambs with the ewes.

The lambs and ewes at 2 months.

Other lambs at 2 months.

The baby at 1 month.